Who we are

The Moustache Project, formally known as the Movember Series, is a campaign curated and created by Neighbourhood Creative. The mission behind The Moustache Project is to enforce the sense of community in Toronto by shedding light and increasing awareness around men’s health through experiences and collaboration.


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What is The Moustache Project?

The Moustache Project’s mission is to connect the people of Toronto to the Movember movement by organizing a series of marketing campaigns leading up to a charity soccer tournament that will inevitably highlight how we are able to connect to the cause. The goal remains the same: To change the face of men’s health, together.

This experience is purpose-driven and will illustrate and incorporate individuals, athletes and brands that represent and stand by changing the face of men’s health.


The mission we have here at Neighbourhood is to create awareness for the Movember foundation by actively collaborating and partnering up with local brands, influencers and to incorporate a fun and cool component to the cause. In doing so, we have the resources and network to organically reach hundreds of thousands in the city, and help spread the mission of Movember while having fun and creating awareness during that month.


our goal


Your donation will help the Movember fund groundbreaking work in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.